Weekly Journaling Assignment

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Weekly Journaling Assignment

The new year has arrived and I was looking for a tool to help me journal. I heard of this book, 52 Lists for Happiness, from a group I belong to.

Daily journaling would be a struggle. I like that this book has one assignment each week. I can do this. I do have to play catch up for week one since I just got the book.

To start, a list of things that makes me happy right now...

1. My children. They are both grown. It makes me overjoyed that my son calls me a few times per week just to chat. My daughter is still in my home. Sitting and chatting with her about anything and everything makes my heart full.

2. My husband. As I started my new business, he stood by me. And, now that it is growing, he's my biggest cheerleader. When he said, "for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, 'til death do us part," he really meant it. 

3. The warm Arizona weather.

4. Flourish group.

5. My pets. Unconditional love.

6. Religious study. 

7. Daily prayer.

This is part of my list.

What are the things that make you happy right now? Can you take at least one thing from your list and make it a daily activity of happiness?

If you would like to purchase this book for yourself, I purchased it from Amazon.

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Make Your Life a Masterpiece

Balance Happiness Inspiration Joy Motivation Positivity

Make Your Life a Masterpiece

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